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RadioEject x Stereo MC’s ‘Spatial Awareness mixtape’

RadioEject x Stereo MC’s ‘Spatial Awareness mixtape’

This month’s RadioEject exclusive guest mix is a very special one indeed!! This month brings us all a very special ‘Spatial Awareness’ mix tape brought to you by Rob Birch of the brit award winning ‘Stereo MC’s’ .

If you don’t know who the ‘Stereo MC’s’ are you’ve probably been living in a underground tunnel for the past couple of decades, surviving off of licking mossy rock faces for nourishment. Formed in Nottinghamshire between two friends the ‘Stereo MC’s’ have gone a long way from humble streets. The ‘Stereo MC’s’ blew up in the British charts, in the minds of the people and across the globe in the late 80s and 90’s…originally consisting of the two creating members, Rob Birch and Nick Hallam. Stereo MC’s we’re pretty much Britain’s first global rap stars, rocking stages, working with or producing across the globe with the likes of U2, Janes Addiction, De La Soul, Happy Mondays, Peter Gabriel, Madonna and even the Jungle Brothers. And being one of the first Rap/hiphop groups to ever perform at British rock festivals…you young upstarts starting on your journey to festivaldom need to doff your snapbacks in respect to these trailblazers of UK hiphop.

The Stereo MC’s 1992 single ‘Connected’ burst through the speakers and echoed across the globe with their first top 20 hit…rippling them to number 2 in the British album charts and almost a year charting, the Stereo MC’s we’re here!! I remember my brother and I eating our cereal to ‘Connected’ on MTV singing along, then getting to school with the other kids singing it in the yards allday. Mixing breakbeat, funk, hiphop, electro, dub step ,dance, lyrical poetry and neck breaking beats the Stereo MC’s can be a bit tricky to pin down to one sound…a little bit like us here at Ejecto’s…diverse styles and a strong sense of perfectionists working towards some breaking of rules and regulations.

Everyday is Play

Everyday is Play

‘Everyday is play’ is a proposed publication about the culture of bashing buttons, losing lives, and inserting more coins aka ‘gaming’. 

This book is a beautiful publication filled with many added extras and power ups, featuring design/Interviews/love from : The designers republic, Build, Konami, Universal Everything, Human Studio, Andreas Pihlström, Matthew Kenyon, Robert Cooper, Daniel Gray, Everyday Something, Buro Destruct, Timothy Saccenti, Jeff Donaldson, Mike Sullivan, UNIT, Gary J Lucken, Golden, 123Klan, and even our goodselves here at Ejecto’s. 

Matthew Kenyon formally of Attik and Golden brings together some great minds, designers, thinkers and gamers to explore the love of ‘Play’ and the gaming community.

So please support a great project from a cool northern dude. So far the project is 5and a half g’s shy of its funding goal with 3days to go…can you get us to the next level…Please insert more coins – Eject@Ejecto’s 

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