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Every Day is Play. 'A celebration of the video game' - Fully Funded!

About a month ago I posted on here and our social medias about a kickstarter project to fund a book about about gaming. The book is called: Every Day is Play. ‘A celebration of the video game’ and is as it says on the tin a celebration of all things video games and gaming.

The project created by Matt & Emma two designers/artworkers/consultants and nintendo addicts!!! The book features allsorts of cool interesting contents such as interviews, design, illustration from video game/design goliath’s such as Konami, Build, Buro destruct, The Designers Republic, and many more.

This kickstarter project reached over £10,000 more than expected through various bloggers, gamers, and lots of hard graft and hustle from Matt & Emma. Big ups to Matt and Emma for reaching the goal and to everybody who contributed a few sheckles to the cause.

I’m really looking forward to getting my copy when its available !! So power up that 64bit, eat a mushroom, collect ya self a gold coin, grab a lil’ flag and give your buddy a hardooken high five!!

EPeace and love – Eject – blip blurrrp blip

Everyday is Play

Everyday is Play

‘Everyday is play’ is a proposed publication about the culture of bashing buttons, losing lives, and inserting more coins aka ‘gaming’. 

This book is a beautiful publication filled with many added extras and power ups, featuring design/Interviews/love from : The designers republic, Build, Konami, Universal Everything, Human Studio, Andreas Pihlström, Matthew Kenyon, Robert Cooper, Daniel Gray, Everyday Something, Buro Destruct, Timothy Saccenti, Jeff Donaldson, Mike Sullivan, UNIT, Gary J Lucken, Golden, 123Klan, and even our goodselves here at Ejecto’s. 

Matthew Kenyon formally of Attik and Golden brings together some great minds, designers, thinkers and gamers to explore the love of ‘Play’ and the gaming community.

So please support a great project from a cool northern dude. So far the project is 5and a half g’s shy of its funding goal with 3days to go…can you get us to the next level…Please insert more coins – Eject@Ejecto’s 

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