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Every Day is Play. 'A celebration of the video game' - Fully Funded!

About a month ago I posted on here and our social medias about a kickstarter project to fund a book about about gaming. The book is called: Every Day is Play. ‘A celebration of the video game’ and is as it says on the tin a celebration of all things video games and gaming.

The project created by Matt & Emma two designers/artworkers/consultants and nintendo addicts!!! The book features allsorts of cool interesting contents such as interviews, design, illustration from video game/design goliath’s such as Konami, Build, Buro destruct, The Designers Republic, and many more.

This kickstarter project reached over £10,000 more than expected through various bloggers, gamers, and lots of hard graft and hustle from Matt & Emma. Big ups to Matt and Emma for reaching the goal and to everybody who contributed a few sheckles to the cause.

I’m really looking forward to getting my copy when its available !! So power up that 64bit, eat a mushroom, collect ya self a gold coin, grab a lil’ flag and give your buddy a hardooken high five!!

EPeace and love – Eject – blip blurrrp blip

The Battle of Waterloo 2012 – Chrome and Black event


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending and taking part in Chrome and Blacks annual graffiti jam ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ 2012 help under the Old Vic tunnels under Waterloo station. 

It was my first time taking part in the event and the first time painting the Old Vic tunnels. Throughout the day there was tons of graffiti artists battling for a cash prize provided by the good chaps at Chrome and Black. 

There were some seriously good writers down at the battle…very heavy London based letter styles, which is good to see (We dont have many London in the hills of Yorkshire), some quality characters too! 

Big ups to Chrome and Black for arranging a quality set of writers together, and it was quality to see some old faces, new faces and meet a few people who I’d only spoke to digitally before. 

Shouts to: Pow, Zomby, Chock, Akit, Yanni, Binty, My cousins and all the other mad heads I chilled with and spoke to that day!! 

These Flicks were taken by an amazing photographer and nice chap Brian David Stevens. You can find the rest of Brian’s photo’s from the event here at : or here at:

EPeace and love – Eject


Mark Bode in Amsterdam 2012 (Da Bode in Amsterdam)


Last weekend Majorkuts (Ejecto’s photographer) and I set off to Amsterdam for a messy weekend away from the graphics and design work, to celebrate my birthday.

Amsterdam is always a whirlwind of a place , hardly no sleep the weeks before locking down the graphics for various clients. As soon as you reach Schipol airport you can feel the buzz of Amsterdam, then it’s a quick hop on the train…25 minutes later we’re having breakfast in one my favorite coffeeshops ‘The Greenhouse’. Greenhouse breakfasts are a beast and with their various awards for the other goods on the menu you know your in for a treat! You can see some of Majorkuts favorite selections from our trip can be seen here:

After a few days of cold chilling out and partying in Amsterdam with some new friends, some old friends and many hours of foot stomping, on the sunday we stumbled into a Mark Bode exhibition. We were actually lost looking for some croissants fully engrossed in that Euro scran…we had passed a closed London Police exhibition at the ‘Go Gallery’, looking through the window there was some great pieces. The Bode exhibition was held over on the Singel canal at the Articks gallery, a small and cool feeling lil place.

Walking through the door we were greeted by the gallery owner and started checking out the great pieces on NY subway maps, giant spraycans and sketches all over the place. While staring at one of the pieces a guy in a New York style flatcap and oakleys pops over…my eyes were a lil fuzzy at the time being in Amsterdam, the chap introduces himself as Mark Bode, Comic book artist/Author/graffiti artist and tattooist son of the late great Vaughn Bodē.

Mark Bode was a really nice guy and talked with us for ages about NY, his time in Amsterdam, His new works and travels. Quality guy who was eager to do a lil doodle in my travel pad.

Quality lil cherry on the top of our space cakes to end the weekend. Big ups Mark Bode…proper legend!!


KODH TV presents a lil freestyle with my good buddy Chief Wigs (DTTS records)!! Rocking that Ejecto’s fresh clothes!!

Lunar C – Reality Check

Lunar C’s new video and track ‘Reality check’. Shot by Majorkuts in the city of Bradford WY!!

Big up to Chiefwigs and Lunar for rocking the Ejecto’s!! Big ups lad!


Exclusive Maxi Jazz RadioEject™ mixtape drops!!

Maxi Jazz is an English mc/rapper/vocalist/music maker and dj with Jamaican roots, probably most prominently known as the the lead vocalist/mc for the worldwide superforce ‘Faithless’. Maxi Jazz with ‘Faithless’ have sold over 15million records worldwide and played live sets to 1000’s of adoring fan’s pretty much all over the world! Maxi has worked alongside numerous musical artists such as: Dido, LSK, Pauline Taylor, Estelle, Robert Smith, Robbie Williams, Tiesto, and many more.

He has created the friendly ‘demons’ a quality eclectic mix of reggae, hiphop, soul, funk, and even rock. We also got the opportunity to interview Maxi about his music, interests and even his love for racing fast cars.

Please check for RadioEject™ interviews, exclusive mixes and downloads.

EPeace and Love – Eject


Behind The scenes : Ejecto's Homepage/Promo shots

On a pretty warm day in Leeds, majorkuts(Ejecto’s photographer) and I filled up his car with cereal boxes, EjectPacks™, badges, spraycans, Chocolate milkshakes and Ejecto’s. These props were to form the homepage of my website and also act as promo shots, suited up like a ‘Demon’!!

Sleep levels were low with the run up to the launch, a stumbley, growly start to the day and me and majorkuts reached the home of ‘PRYS’, a local mc(and top chap!!) from the crazy lil bunch of Leeds hiphop group ‘The Defenders Of Style’! Apparently he had the dopest kitchen in town…ideally suited for our shoot!

I quickly got to work ‘Ejectorizing’ Prys’ kitchen…within a few mins we were good to start getting to work…Big up to ‘PRYS’ for letting us abuse his kitchen and leave Ejecto’s and milk everywhere!

Throughout the day we had support and passers by from some of Leeds phattest cats, big up to : Chiefwigs, Sonar Cousin, @Hollymix, Joe Snow and PRYS’s lil buddy for popping by!! Epeace Ejecto’s!

All pics @Majorkuts

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