Earth Problems – @Upnorthfest

by ejecto'sblog

Earth Problems - @Upnorthfest

Last weekend (28th-29th of septmber 2013) we were kindly invited to take part in this years ‘Upnorthfest’ in Sunderland, in the north of the UK.

Upnorthfest is the Norths version of Upfest which usually takes part in Bristol every summer. The Upnorthfest is a festival of celebrating street and graffiti art which takes part in Southport and Sunderland. The festival organised by the super sound Frank Styles of Sunderland brought together some great artists from around the UK, painting on 16walls, 7 buildings, and 21 boards over 3 days.

Some of the dope artists included: Kelzo, Irony, Inch, Sune, Razeone, Eyes, Toupe, T rex, Eyes, Id-iom, The super fun Girls on top crew and many more including myself.

I rolled up to the festival on Saturday morning after finding a rather hungover familiar face(Daddy Sune) on the newcastle metro system. We caught up on graffiti, drunken antics, tales and creative projects on our way to Sunderland…Sune was a big inspiration growing up in the city of Leeds, he’s probably one of the greatest writers in country, but still humble as ever.

After getting shown to my spot I commenced unpacking my seriously over stacked paint out of my several bags…I managed to hold onto the scaffold for the day to get the top elements of my ‘Earth Problems’ piece painted up.

Throughout the day I met many new people, writers, excited passers by, some old friends and a quite a few ‘Eject’/ep crew fans, some of which had already purchased a few of our dope tees!! Big ups to everyone who we chilled with and chatted to while painting this piece…big ups Nickos, Razeone, Frank Stlyes, Pepsie, Vigo, Burn, and many more!!

After the first day of painting it was time to load up on tasty buds and drinks with the writers at the jam. Quality night out chilling with Sune, The girls on top, Irony and a few other cats who did’nt get thrown out 😉

Big ups and one love to everyone at the jam…the random sun and everyone who took part. And thanks to Bretski at Artofficial for the extra paint 😉

One love – Eject!!