Stick em’ up punk

by ejecto'sblog

Stick em' up punk

This weekend our Liverpool based buddy ‘Beta’ of TDA klan called us up to see if I wanted some of the Yorkshire massive down to Liverpool…they all flopped apart from myself and fellow can technician Ziel…So we caught a early morning lift to Liverpool via the National depressed.

It’s always good to go back to my old stomping/stamping grounds to see the scouseside writers!! Many of the younger wave of writers were influenced by some of my demon buddies throughout their cool city…and seeing these guys now painting and painting burners is really good to see. Top chaps the lot of em!!

Ziel and I then met up with Beta and Cruel and commenced to prime our wall in the nasty British rain…Several soaked sketchbooks later, a few knocked over Heinekens and soggy rizlas later we persevered through the rain and painted a nice wall.

Big ups to Beta, Cruel, Ziel, Fish, Nate, Sy, and any others who I have forgot. Good day, now to dry off the sketchbook!