Who we are?

by ejecto'sblog

“Ejecto’s is a clothing, design and lifestyle brand from the U.K, which launched in mid 2012 and is the creation of a underground U.K graffiti artist who goes by the name of ‘Eject’. 

 In the past 8 months since Ejecto’s launched, we have gained a good solid following of customers, who always come back for more, we have love from people such as Maxi Jazz (faithless), plus many up and coming mc’s, dj’s, producers, bboys, forward thinkers, designers and fans of Eject’s design and underground graffiti ARE SHOUTING THE BRANDS PRAISES. 

 Ejecto’s is a energetic brand with a massive focus on quality, colour combinations, fun, design and illustration…and when our trademark demons are involved there’s always a bit of quirkyness or rebellion put into the mix . 

 Our roots deeply IMBEDDED in hiphop, skate, graffiti, reggae and even punkculture…basically anything with youthful rebellion. Our inspiration comes from typography, characters/cartoons, fast food culture, breaking the system, mass consumerism, cereal packaging, free toys, BUY now PAY for it later, advertising signs, sticker packs, panini stickers, holograms, 3d glasses, hand painted signs, street –observations and slogans with strong or quirky meanings. 

 We create a experience that is missing with online sales, all our products are sent out in cool EjectPacks!! which are stitched sealed and hand stamped…these are work’s of art in themselves and arrive with badges, stickers or other cool bits.  

Our online store offers free monthly mixtapes from some well known and up and coming artists such as Maxi Jazz(Faithless), LSK and many others, which are exclusive only to Ejecto’s …it’s kinda all going off really”. 

Eject from reality – Ejecto’s