The Battle of Waterloo 2012 – Chrome and Black event


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending and taking part in Chrome and Blacks annual graffiti jam ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ 2012 help under the Old Vic tunnels under Waterloo station. 

It was my first time taking part in the event and the first time painting the Old Vic tunnels. Throughout the day there was tons of graffiti artists battling for a cash prize provided by the good chaps at Chrome and Black. 

There were some seriously good writers down at the battle…very heavy London based letter styles, which is good to see (We dont have many London in the hills of Yorkshire), some quality characters too! 

Big ups to Chrome and Black for arranging a quality set of writers together, and it was quality to see some old faces, new faces and meet a few people who I’d only spoke to digitally before. 

Shouts to: Pow, Zomby, Chock, Akit, Yanni, Binty, My cousins and all the other mad heads I chilled with and spoke to that day!! 

These Flicks were taken by an amazing photographer and nice chap Brian David Stevens. You can find the rest of Brian’s photo’s from the event here at : or here at:

EPeace and love – Eject