Exclusive Maxi Jazz RadioEject™ mixtape drops!!

by ejecto'sblog


Exclusive Maxi Jazz RadioEject™ mixtape drops!!

Maxi Jazz is an English mc/rapper/vocalist/music maker and dj with Jamaican roots, probably most prominently known as the the lead vocalist/mc for the worldwide superforce ‘Faithless’. Maxi Jazz with ‘Faithless’ have sold over 15million records worldwide and played live sets to 1000’s of adoring fan’s pretty much all over the world! Maxi has worked alongside numerous musical artists such as: Dido, LSK, Pauline Taylor, Estelle, Robert Smith, Robbie Williams, Tiesto, and many more.

He has created the friendly ‘demons’ a quality eclectic mix of reggae, hiphop, soul, funk, and even rock. We also got the opportunity to interview Maxi about his music, interests and even his love for racing fast cars.

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EPeace and Love – Eject