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Month: May, 2012

Northern Hordes Break Dance Jam 2012


A up! This weekend Majorkuts and I attended the Northern Hordes braekdance and graffiti jam. We had been asked by my good friend Tom Glynn (Event organizer and soon to be Olympic torch bearer) if we would like to sponsor the  event and create an Ejecto stall to flog some wears.

The event was a quality day jam packed with breakdancing battles and graffiti walls. The sun was beaming down hard on the event allday, many good friends from Leeds, St Helens and scouse bboys and bgirls (many of whom I have worked with on previous projects as far as Amsterdam and Bulgaria)…graf heads were in attendance from Teaone, Krek, Dreph, Care, Beta, Dead, Smile and many more.

Quality day filled with sun, beats, iced coffee’s, Ejecto’s and a massive lack of sleep. Big ups to Bgirl fidget, Bust a hump crew, Lee-thal, Beans and the rest of the Ghetlow Pirates, Dj Pnuts(beats we’re heavy allday), Zap graffiti arts, Smile, Krek, Dreph, Teaone, Big toes hifi(for driving down the graf boards), Dj Rasp, Tom Glynn, Lobe, Bethan, Sie, Ras, and Majorkuts for taking pics, helping me with the stall and keeping me giggling allday. Big ups.

Then it was a double quick exit outta St Helens to go to Dj EssDee’s ‘Golden Ticket BBQ’ a super secret invite only affair with a big guest list of DJ’s, MC’s and beatmakers.

Maxi Jazz rocking out in Ejecto’s


A couple of weeks ago I was just shotting out some tee orders, finishing up some logos and getting my self together to hit the West Yorkshire Cypher at ExP’s yard (WYcypher is a local West Yorkshire based hiphop mc freestyle cypher…I’m just about to get out the house and my phone rings LSK again “Yo I@* get ursen round…Maxi’s in town” …Everything is swiftly dropped, jets round to see the boys! 

I’d first met Maxi Jazz (Faithless frontman, singer, songwriter, DJ and all round quality geezer!) on the last leg of the last ever Faithless tour in the Manchester MEN 2011. Maxi already knew of my work through LSK, as I usually send him picture messages of pretty much most of my pieces…so Maxi had been updated with graf flicks all along their touring. After meeting Maxi a few times I’d honestly say he’s one of the nicest guys ever, such a positive influence to everyone who seems to come in contact with him. 

So I get myself round to the studio where LSK and Maxi greet me with man hugs and handshakes…we share chats and giggles, watch some reggae soundclashes on the ole youtube, and then Maxi and LSK get to work working on some jamming sessions. Always a pleasure when Maxi is in town, laid back vibes…no dramas! 

Big up to LSK, Gary and Maxi for a chilled and worthy excuse to miss the WYcypher. Big up to LSK and Maxi who won’t take Ejecto freebies as they are big in the game and always insist on paying for things they believe in. 

One love to Maxi such a quality guy!! “Look after each other” 

-EPeace – Eject 

Ejecto Tattoos!!


So I get’s this tweet from @Chiefwigz (DTTS records, WYcypher, Yorkshire cat on the scene since year dot) a few days back saying he was wanting a Eject Demon tattoo. Tweets were exchanged… @majorkuts (Ejecto’s photographer and top fella!) jibs in swiftly…”I want one too” haha…

I’m sat there shocked…thinking this is unreal. Two good friends both skilled in there own fields, both wanting something that started off life on the streets of leeds in spraypaint and markers on walls, bins, and anywhere else I could put them. Now these chaps want to get it permanently imbedded into their skin…wow!! What an honour for these guys to suggest it…I was buzzing about it! 

A couple of days later Chief wigs contacts majorkuts and me…we’re on for thursday, Hack my good buddy (former vandal now reformed tattooist) has a spot free in the morning…Eject we need you to doodle the demons on! During these messages my friend Louise gets word (never one to miss out on a party or a tattoo) and we all get to Hacks for a spot of indelible demonix! 

Giggles were shared, then I got to work drawing out the demons for Hack to set them permanently into the willing skin cells of my buddies! During this time I was constantly bullied and nearly bantered into getting my first tattoo…but kept my no distinguishing marks rule ( incase MI6 ever call me up for service 😉 .

Big up to Chief wigs, Majorkuts , Louise (@CrazyCatzLadyyy), Amog, and Hack for indelible inkings!

EPeace – Ejecto’s x


Maxi Jazz loves Ejecto's!!

This pic was sent to me by good buddy LSK while on the last leg of the Faithless tour!! Big up Maxi…the nicest guy in the music biz!!

Ejecto’s Launch Party 07/04/2012


On the 7th of april 2012 ‘’ launched in fine style at Sedgwick Avenue, Leeds city (West Yorkshire)…I had done a fair bit of blagging and promoting the build up to the launch…the launch day was quickly approaching…facebook attendee clicks were running pretty high…venue problems were surfacing…macs were getting burnt out…some products were still on the print beds…stresses were at an all time high…sleep levels at the barest minimum. 

The day approached and the list was getting ticked off at a fast forward pace! All we had left to do was get all the acts happy, the shop front setup, demons in their positions, and the venue ‘Ejectorizing’. 

Through my solid network of buddies and WY clic, we had managed to get a big, big line-up together for a small launch in Yorkshire. The line-up included: Cheifwigs( DTTS records), Flamegriller(Sinoptic, WYcypher), Big toes hifi(Reggae soundsystem from Canada, Leeds, Scotland), Hashfinger(Sinoptic Records), No Pretense(DTTS legends who couldnt make it due to illness), The defenders of style, No Change, D Bizzy, we also had last minute additions and sets from 2 of Dont Flops finest Lego(Dj Versatile ont decks) and Jackflash!! Big ups to Big Toes hifi, Matter and Lunar C for the radio plugs and support!

It really was a night to remember with mad support from some of yorkshires top dogs in the scene. Much love to everyone who came down, played, supported, got drunk, bought some clobber, promoted and truely made the launch one of the best nights we’ve had in Leeds city for years!

Thanks to Lou and Blagkat on the stalls too(did me proud)!!

-Epeace and love – Eject of the shire x

Ejecto’s meets Donald D


A few weeks ago while I was busy getting together elements for the Ejecto’s launch party,so my phone rings and my good friend LSK says: “Yo I@% get yourself to round to mine…I’m recording Donald D!!”…I instantly drop everything and grab some Ejecto badges, stickers and tings(Tee’s we’re still waiting to be screened), and jet straight round!

After a swift tussle and few swift headbutts from LSK’s hench Staffordshire Bull terrier Silas…I manage to fend my way into the studio, where I see my good buddy Zulu Monkee Monks (Zulu nation member, Artist, MC, Graffiti artist and illustrator of those siiick Nightmares on wax handrawn covers back in the day), Mickey Redvenom ,Chris Dawkins(Guitarist to people like, Nightmares on wax, LSK, Finley Quaye, Jimi Tenor and many more) and my good buddy LSK who instantly introduces me to the great hip-hop legend that is Donald D(The B-Boys, Ice T, Afrika Islam).

At first I was shocked by how larger than life this geezer is…the man henched out the studio!! All us skinny lil British dudes next to this giant of a person and musician. Firm handshakes and back pats were exchange, LSK big ups my work to Donald D…I nervously and humbly stare at my shelltoes…then try change the subject-ish…”Donald here’s some goodies and badges …sorry I can’t give you a tee but still waiting on em back” …we chat the breeze about graf and hiphop ,then he notices the venue and say’s “Yo you got a Sedgwick Av too!!…flyers dope man, if I was in the country on that day I would done you a set!!” …That would of been biiiiiiiig!!!

Few mins later Donald set to work firing up the booth!! LSK mixing away doing his ting…Chris Dawkins on the guitar…Monkee Monks, Mickey Redvenom and me watching in amazement!! It was quality experience to see the legend that is Donald D do his thing in the studio.

Big thanks to LSK as always for letting me on the mad world, and Donald D, Chris Dawkins, Mickey Redvenom , and Monkee Monks!! Then it was on to the WYcypher for my weekly fix of freestyle raps!

Just another day in the land of Ejecto’s. – Epeace Eject.

Pics by Monkee Monks and Me.

The dopest tags in town!


Hand crafted with love and care in West Yorkshire – Epeace!


Behind The scenes : Ejecto's Homepage/Promo shots

On a pretty warm day in Leeds, majorkuts(Ejecto’s photographer) and I filled up his car with cereal boxes, EjectPacks™, badges, spraycans, Chocolate milkshakes and Ejecto’s. These props were to form the homepage of my website and also act as promo shots, suited up like a ‘Demon’!!

Sleep levels were low with the run up to the launch, a stumbley, growly start to the day and me and majorkuts reached the home of ‘PRYS’, a local mc(and top chap!!) from the crazy lil bunch of Leeds hiphop group ‘The Defenders Of Style’! Apparently he had the dopest kitchen in town…ideally suited for our shoot!

I quickly got to work ‘Ejectorizing’ Prys’ kitchen…within a few mins we were good to start getting to work…Big up to ‘PRYS’ for letting us abuse his kitchen and leave Ejecto’s and milk everywhere!

Throughout the day we had support and passers by from some of Leeds phattest cats, big up to : Chiefwigs, Sonar Cousin, @Hollymix, Joe Snow and PRYS’s lil buddy for popping by!! Epeace Ejecto’s!

All pics @Majorkuts



“It’s a sad day for music…Rest in peace MCA, the Beastie Boys have been such a big inspiration to me as an artist and Ejecto’s as a brand…We’ll miss you Yauch! – Epeace and Love – Ejecto’s x”

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